Online Banking FAQ's



What do I need to start using Online Banking?

You will need to sign up for the Online service from our website or at any of our branch locations before using Online banking for the first time. This is necessary to assure we setup up the accounts you want access to properly as well as to help us protect your privacy and personal information from inadvertently being accessed by an unauthorized individual. We take this responsibility very seriously and will never intentionally compromise the trust you have in us.

The signup process takes just a few minutes and once completed security codes will be generated and sent to you within a few days. After you receive these codes, you will be able to utilize the banking services at your convenience, 24x7!

You will also need Internet access using Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher with 128-bit strong encryption OR Netscape Communicator 6.1 or greater with 128-bit strong encryption. For best results, your screen resolution should be set to 800 x 600 Resolution.



Is Online Banking secure?The server that stores your Garrett State Bank account information uses Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL). This security encrypts the data sent making it difficult to see your information. In other words, your information is sent in a scrambled format. To ensure that the information is being sent from a secure server, the address will start with https:// rather than http:// and you will notice that you are receiving the information from an SSL server securely if you see a closed padlock at the bottom of your screen.



Why can't I Log In?

Online Banking requires that your computer's browser utilize 128-bit encryption for your security, and the connection will be automatic within the United States. The security feature for Internet Banking ensures that you are the only one who knows your password. The first time you access Online banking, you will need to provide the User ID and Password provided to you in the Welcome letter. During this first session, you will be required to change your User ID and password to something ONLY YOU KNOW!. Remember that passwords and User ID's are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as you entered it the first time. If you continue to be denied access, check to see if your “CAPS LOCK” button is activated.



What is my User ID?

Your intial User ID will be assigned automatically by the bank. The assigned ID is uniquely set for each individual and will need to be changed on your first login. To access your account information, you will need this User ID along with your individual PASSWORD.



What is my Password?

When you sign up for Online banking, you will receive your User ID and a Password from the Bank.  They will be mailed separtely for your own protection. The first time you successfully log in, you will be required to change the password to something unique for you. YOUR PASSWORD IS THE KEY TO YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION, GUARD IT CAREFULLY AND DO NOT GIVE IT TO ANYONE ELSE. No one from the bank will ever ask you for your password.

General guidelines for a strong password: Use both upper and lower case characters. Include numbers and symbols (such as $,#,%,&,*) in addition to letters. Do not use common names, family member names, names of pets or street names. Avoid using known dates such as your date of birth, anniversary, etc.



I'm a First Time User of Online Banking. How do I start?

Before you begin, read the Online Banking Agreement and Disclosure. You must click on the I Accept button after you have read the Online Banking Agreement and Disclosure to continue into the Online Banking service. If you do not wish to abide by this agreement, select I Do Not Accept and you will leave the Online Banking site. At anytime in the future, to reference the Online Banking Agreement and Disclosure, you may link to it from any of our web pages by clicking on the Online Banking Agreement link at the bottom of the page.

When you get to the log in screen, enter your User ID (as supplied by the bank) and the initial password sent from the bank. When you log in for the first time, you will be required to change your User ID and password to something unique for you.

Once into the Online Banking site, you will see the accounts that have been set up for your use. At this point you can inquire into the balance of your accounts, the activity that has occurred, an area to setup transfers and payments, and the Profile area where you can assign your own customer names for your accounts.



I have a joint account. How do I access my account?

If two or more depositors are joint owners of an account(s) accessed by Online Banking, each of the individuals will be required to signup for the service and use their own individual User ID and password.



What should I do if I forget my password?

The first time you log in to Online Banking, you are required to change your temporary password into a unique password. Changing your password ensures that you are the only person who knows your password. If you forget this password, you may click on the forgotten password link on the login page.  You will be required to enter your User ID and a temporary password will be sent to your email address on file.  You may also contact a Customer Service Representative at the branch you normally conduct business, or call our Operations Dept at 1-260-357-0313 during regular business hours.



When do my banking transactions appear on Online Banking?

All information displayed through Online Banking is current as of the end of the previous business day. Current business day transactions will be displayed in the Today's Transaction box or will be denoted with an * asterisk in transaction lists.  Any transactions conducted through Online Banking, such as transfers or loan payments will show in Today's Transactions. Please note: Any transfers or payments entered prior to 4:30 Eastern Standard Time on a business day will be posted to your account that same business day. Any transaction received after 4:30 p.m Eastern Standard Time will be processed as if it was received on the following business day.



How do I cancel a scheduled transfer?

To cancel a Scheduled transaction, select Transfers and Payments, then Scheduled transactions and highlight the transfer you wish to discontinue. Then click on the Delete this transfer button and answer the question presented. Once deleted, if you wish to begin the transfer again at a later date, you must re-enter the schedule as a new transfer.



Why can't I see my spouse's account?

Your User ID and password only allow access to accounts on which you are an owner. If your spouse (or other family member) has accounts in their names on which you are not an owner, you will not be granted access to these accounts. Only the true account owners are allowed access. If you believe you should have access to certain accounts but are currently unable to see them through Online Banking, please contact any customer service representative at any of our branch locations.



Can I use Online Banking with my Quicken or Microsoft Money?

You can export transactions via the transaction menu or the export transaction option under the transaction drop down menu.  This option will present a number of different choices of the file types you would like to download.

  • CSV format is a comma separated file.
  • OFX format is for Microsoft Money.
  • QIF format is for Quicken 2005 or prior versions
  •  IIF format is fo Quickbooks 2005 or prior versions


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