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Sara Beth Kelham
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Current Opportunities

Information Security/Infrastructure Administrator | Part-Time Teller | Retail Banking Intern

Job Title: Information Security/Infrastructure Administrator

Division: Operations, 1341 S. Randolph Street, Garrett, IN  46738
Reports: VP of Operations
Hours: Full Time
Pay Rate: Varies with Education and Experience

This position is primarily responsible for ensuring the Information Security Program and Infrastructure Strategy of the Garrett State Bank has been designed and is being maintained to:

  • Ensure the integrity, security and confidentiality of all customer data;
  • Protects all company data and system assets against anticipated threats and hazards;
  • Protect against unauthorized access or use of customer information which could harm or jeopardize the customer or the Bank; and
  • Ensure periodic testing and assessments of system security, potential threats and adequate backup and recovery of data are performed and reported as required by regulations and best practices.

The IS/I Administrator’s primary duties include overseeing the development and distribution of the Information Security Polices, monitoring and testing the Policy and Procedures, compliance with IT Governance and best practices, work with and coordinate with all areas of the Bank to distribute guidance of Information Security as well as strategies to restore customer and bank data in the event of a disruption within acceptable timeframes. This position is also responsible for supporting end user systems and problem resolution.

To accomplish this:

  1. Working with Regulators, trusted Vendors, or other support areas to assure the existing Information Security Program and Policy meet regulatory requirements, auditing standards and best practice guidelines for organizations of similar size and complexity.
  2. Train/work with other IT staff to implement adequate monitoring tools and processes
  3. Conduct or direct periodic Assessments and testing of overall Inf Security systems, with results presented to EDP Steering and Audit Committees.
  4. Develop and implement any mitigation changes as a result of the periodic testing or assessments.
  5. Conduct regular system recovery tests and document results. From this develop written procedures needed in various recovery situations; ie partial or limited recovery, recovery from malware type attack, full data center loss, and any other test which is deemed appropriate.
  6. Coordinate periodic testing with Operations Management to assure full operational recovery meets established time frames and identify and remediate any areas that do not meet said standards.
  7. Responsible for overseeing the critical vendor relationships.
  8. Prepare and present the annual GLBA Status Report to the EDP Steering Committee and the Board of Directors.
  9. Provide information security, risk management, technical advice, and counsel to other areas of the organization.
  10. Stay abreast of current security threats and develop a process to brief appropriate key stakeholders (e.g., Security and IT teams, Senior Management, Audit Committee, and Board of Directors) on issues and potential impact on the organization.
  11. Become familiar with all applicable laws and regulations that apply to the position and comply with the requirements thru education, seminars, peer training sessions, etc.
  12. Provide End-User support and troubleshooting of hardware and software issues.
  13. Assist with Monitoring Network and Infrastructure.
  14. Work with Business managers to make strategic and tactical recommendations to improve results and efficiencies.

Budget and Goals associated with Network design, maintenance and support. 

Strong ability to develop and maintain relationships internally and externally, providing long-term benefits to the organization.

Job Title: Part-Time Teller

Department: Retail
Reports to: Retail Banking Officer/Main Office
Location: Main Office
Hours: 20-25 hours per week

Job Description:

  • Responsible for comprehensive, prompt and efficient customer transactions.
  • Balances cash drawer at the end of the shift and compares totaled amount to computer-generated proof sheets. Reports any discrepancies to the supervisor as necessary.
  • Cashes checks from a variety of accounts upon proper verification.
  • Receives checks and cash for deposits to account, verifies amounts, examines checks for proper endorsement, and enters deposits into computer records.
  • Receives mortgage, consumer loan and other payments.
  • Assists with the night deposits and mail.
  • Issues cashier checks and money orders
  • Cross-sells financial institution services such as safe deposit boxes, ATM cards, on-line banking, bill pay, mobile banking and ect.
  • Ensures that the teller station is properly stocked with forms, supplies, and ect. Keep area neat and orderly at all times.
  • Scheduled as needed to cover lunch hours and prime time business hours.
  • Scheduled approximately 20-25 hours per week.
  • Performs any and all other duties assigned by Teller Supervisor or by management.

Job Title: Retail Banking Intern

Division: Retail
Reports: Retail Officer
Hours: 20-25 hours weekly
Pay Rate: Varies with Education and Experience

Job Description:

  • College Junior or Senior working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Finance or Communications
  • Excellent written and verbal skills
  • Experienced with Microsoft Office Suite

Specific Job Functions:

  • Performs duties and responsibilities of the Assistant Branch Manager in the Assistant Branch Managers absence.
  • Balances vault, audits and balances branch’s teller sheets, and balances ATM
  • Maintains knowledge of branch policies and procedures with respect to approving check and overrides
  • Answer phones-direct call to the appropriate staff according to customer needs and take message as needed.
  • Answers customer inquiries and assists customers with other account issues such as reconciling their checking and savings accounts.
  • Receives checks and cash for deposits to customer’s account, verifies amounts, examines checks proper endorsement, and enters deposits into computer records. Balances cash drawer at the end of the shift and compares totaled amount to computer-generated proof sheets. Reports any discrepancies to the supervisor as necessary.
  • Assists tellers in locating discrepancies by balancing tellers debit & credit tickets, auditing teller tapes and teller sheets.
  • Provides a complete range of customer services, including opening new accounts and selling services, explaining available financial institution products and services, and gathering customer information to process accounts.
  • Performs a variety of customer service activities, such as account holds, stop-payment orders, direct deposits and check confirmation.
  • Maintains local community’s annual event checking and savings accounts, balances monthly statements, and recaps event’s income/expense spreadsheets.
  • Prepare and learn needed skills for future leadership roles.
  • Participates in activities for generating new business such as sales calls and special events.
  • Assist in other area of the financial institution as needed.

Garrett State Bank is an Equal Opportunity Employer